A - The 2012 Complete Book on Lee Enfield Accurizing r.

At last, the old master's Lee Enfield accurizing secrets revealed.

A hundred years of target shooting made the Lee Enfield rifle even more famous than just a military rifle. Now you can learn how the old masters made it a world beater at the rifle range, with the home builder in mind.

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The most comprehensive book on accurizing any Lee Enfield rifle, with 200 plus pages and 386 images, and will suit all but the most experienced shooter.
Every process is well illustrated, with step by step instructions, and a shooter is able to get maximum accuracy from both a stock rifle as well as a highly modified one.
Also includes pioneering work with carbon fiber barrel aditions to an Ishapore 7.62 that resulted in great accuracy gains.
Much attention is given to revealing the old masters secrets, almost lost to time these days, but revealed here in photos and text.
Very well received by Lee Enfield owners, this book is a must have.

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